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An individually tailored educational trail teaching the correct behavior on ski tours.


  • Easy-to-understand basic knowledge 
  • With practical applications
  • Can be adapted to local conditions

The ORTOVOX SKI TOUR EDUCATIONAL TRAIL conveys avalanche knowledge tailored to the local surroundings and increases ski tourers’ awareness of possible dangers in the mountains and how to take a mindful approach to nature.

Set up along the ascent trail, the seven boards also provide a basic introduction to the laws of nature. The first station provides an overview of the entire ski tour educational trail with instructions on how to correctly conduct avalanche transceiver checks, and an overview of the avalanche warning levels with a note about the current avalanche bulletin and its code. If requested, this station can be upgraded to a SAFETY CHECKPOINT, which can be used to check the function and transmission parameters of avalanche transceivers before setting off on a tour. The second station provides basic information about avalanches and emergency equipment, while stations three to five explain the influence of the weather, terrain and slope steepness upon the avalanche situation. Station six is dedicated to the emergency situation caused by an avalanche and explains the individual phases of a search for burial victims. Finally, station seven summarizes the correct way to ascend and descend with regard to safety and nature conservation.

The ORTOVOX SKI TOUR EDUCATIONAL TRAIL is easy to understand and accessible to everyone. It conveys important educational content about avalanches and the correct behavior in the backcountry, and it explains potential dangers with the inclusion of local conditions.

Our PRO GEAR series is targeted toward pros for commercial use.

Area of usage

Alpine climbing 0/5
High Alpine 0/5
Alpine 0/5
Ski Tour 5/5
Freeride 4/5

  • Seven boards with educational avalanche content, accessible and easy for all to understand
  • Available in one language
  • Integration of the tour area with customized map
  • Logo integration


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Our digital training platform for avalanche safety. Learn everything you need to know about how avalanches are formed, the correct way to plan a tour and the process for searching for an avalanche victim, and reduce your avalanche risk – online and interactive.

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