Avalanche Shovels

Color: safety blue

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2,1 l
76 (42) cm

440 g


This product is UIAA 156 avalanche shovel norm compliant and certified in line with the STANDARD FOR AVALANCHE SHOVELS.

Product Video

Perfection is in the details

Quick, lightweight shovel with a sturdy blade and telescopic shaft for ski tours

Extremely lightweight, compact and functional: Our SHOVEL PRO LIGHT is the perfect companion for all ski tourers who want to be lightweight on the go, but place high demands on their equipment! 

We have used innovative materials, modern production processes and carefully considered notches in the shovel blade to create a lightweight avalanche shovel that weighs in at only 440g – without compromising on rigidity. For the shaft of the shovel we have used high-quality 7075 T6 aluminum that is both very light and extremely strong. For the blade we used the 6061 T6 aluminum. Thanks to the telescopic, rapid-closure shaft, our lightweight avalanche shovel can be quickly adjusted. And its practical switchover function makes it suitable for both left and right-handers.

The pack-friendly blade on our SHOVEL PRO LIGHT has step grooves to stop your foot slipping when digging. A sharp, sturdy cutting edge guarantees optimum performance. High sidewalls and a pronounced center ridge on the blade provide the necessary rigidity.

Thanks to notches in the material, the SHOVEL PRO LIGHT is not only lighter but also suitable for building a rescue sled or for use as a snow anchor. It is also compatible with the PRO ALU III shaft and fits in all ORTOVOX backpacks.

Our SHOVEL PRO LIGHT is the perfect companion for light sheep on ski tours, because with less weight on his back he can use all of his energy for great adventures in the snow.

Area of usage

Alpine climbing 0/5
High Alpine 0/5
Alpine 0/5
Ski Tour 5/5
Freeride 5/5

  • Hardened and anodized aluminum
  • Compatible with our PRO ALU III shaft
  • Groove-shaped handle cross section
  • Pack-friendly
  • Rescue sled function
  • Sharp, sturdy blade
  • T-grip
  • Telescoping handle
  • Non-slip step grooves
  • Rapid locking without pressing a button
  • Certification: UIAA 156 avalanche shovel standard

To the material dictionary

7075 Aluminium T6
Blade: AL 6061 T6 (hardened), anodized


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Mar 18, 2023
Ski tour
Achtung! Man wirbt im Produktvideo zwar mit der Räumfunktion aber wenn man genau aufpasst benötigt man den Griff eines anderen Modells, bzw. kann dies für unverschämt viel Geld nachkaufen! Ich fühle mich dadurch getäuscht. Sonst als reine Schaufel natürlich ein sehr gutes Produkt. Danger! The clearing function is advertised in the product video, but if you pay close attention, you need the handle of another model, or you can buy it for an outrageous amount of money! I feel deceived by this. Otherwise as a pure shovel, of course, a very good product.
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Danke für dein Feedback, allerdings schreiben wir das Produkt korrekt aus. Es tut mir leid, dass du dich getäuscht fühlst. Unter den Produktfeatures sowie im Text wird das Produkt genau und korrekt beschrieben. Es wird darauf hingewiesen, dass die Schaufel mit dem PRO ALU III Schaft kompatibel ist. Thank you for your feedback, but we are writing the product correctly. I'm sorry you feel deceived. The product is described accurately and correctly under the product features and in the text. It should be noted that the shovel is compatible with the PRO ALU III shank.
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