Avalanche probes

Together with an avalanche transceiver and avalanche shovel, an avalanche probe is part of the standard emergency equipment essential for off-piste tours and freeriding adventures. Not only are ORTOVOX avalanche probes easy to use and quick to deploy in an emergency, they are also robust and accurate.


ORTOVOX avalanche probes: Essential rescue equipment for your alpine tours

In an emergency every second counts – therefore your avalanche probe must always be at hand.  ORTOVOX avalanche probes are helpful, reliable and easy to use when avalanche victims need to be rescued.

Our online shop offers avalanche probes ranging from extremely lightweight carbon models to professional probes with a PFA quick-assembly system.


Buying an avalanche probe: What should you look out for?

An avalanche probe must be quick to deploy. ORTOVOX avalanche probes are particularly impressive in this regard, thanks to their

  • Quick-assembly systems
  • Quick-assembly strap
  • Quick-release cover

Avalanche probes must be reliable. ORTOVOX avalanche probes also fulfil this criterion as they have an intuitive visual guide system that will quickly and clearly determine the victim’s burial depth. You also benefit from a large probe tip that is easier to push through snow.

Our avalanche probes are also made from stable, rigid and unbreakable materials such as aluminum, carbon and steel, ensuring reliable performance in emergencies. Some of our models come with a rubberized grip to ensure safe, ice-free handling in all conditions.

By the way...you can buy other basic emergency equipment – from avalanche transceivers, to avalanche shovels, right through to first aid kits – in our online shop.


Which avalanche probe is right for me?

All ORTOVOX avalanche probes are reliable, intuitive and quick to deploy. And they are all far lighter than you would expect at 185g and above, have a compact pack size thanks to their optimized segments, and have a functional length of 240cm to 320cm.

The right probe for you depends upon why and how often you move off-piste. ORTOVOX offers all the important varieties of avalanche probes: from beginner probes made from aluminum to lightweight models made from carbon for racers, to professional devices made from steel for rescue organizations.


Using an avalanche probe: What to do in an emergency

Despite careful tour planning and being cautious on the slopes, it’s happened: There’s been an avalanche and it’s buried a member of your group. The clock is ticking!

This is how to use your avalanche transceiver, avalanche probe and shovel:

  1. Search using your avalanche transceiver.
  2. Once you’ve located a buried person, the probe plays its part in the recovery: You use it to pinpoint the location. This means you determine the exact position and burial depth of the victim.
  3. Use your shovel to dig out the victim along the probe.

The fact is: Without an avalanche probe, it takes rescuers twice as long to recover burial victims. As such, it is almost impossible to rescue them within the first fifteen minutes of the avalanche – which are essential for survival!

Note: The correct use of your emergency equipment is lifesaving yet complex. It is essential that you practice how and when to use your equipment.

Learn more: You can find all you need to know about avalanches and avalanche rescue in the ORTOVOX SAFETY ACADEMY GUIDE BOOK “Basic avalanche knowledge for tourers and freeriders”.

The ORTOVOX SAFETY ACADEMY also provides avalanche courses that are essential if you’re going out on unsecured terrain in winter. Tip: Taking part in a course is good, but practicing regularly is better. In an emergency you need to be fast and every move must be just right. Get trained, practice regularly and reduce risks!


Find your ORTOVOX avalanche probe for speeding up your rescue!

You can easily order the right ORTOVOX avalanche probe and have it delivered to your home.

Would you like to learn more about individual products? Visit our emergency equipment service page to find ORTOVOX avalanche probe instruction manuals and useful links about ORTOVOX emergency equipment.