As a company we are currently experiencing highly valuable moments of encouragement and affirmation: this crisis proves the strength and solidity of the social foundation that we have established so carefully over the years.

Protecting the weakest link

During successful times we have grown close with our partners worldwide. Now, it’s time to prove that our supply chain is an entity that takes care of its weakest links. Back in March, we acted quickly, sought personal contact to all our suppliers and assured them that we will uphold all our orders and liabilities.


“We see a time of great opportunity.
The opportunity to step up and prove that the future belongs to those who believe in values, in responsibility, and solidarity.”

- Christian Schneidermeier, CEO ORTOVOX

Socially committed partners

All our ambitions to build a social and sustainable supply chain are being confirmed today. All the effort and dedication pays off as we see that our structures withstand even the deepest disruptions.

As a member of the “Partnership for Sustainable Textiles”, our CSR team has been asked to jointly develop guidelines for responsible purchasing practices in times of COVID-19. Among others, we have committed ourselves to the following three guiding principles:

  • We will not cancel orders and will uphold the agreed payments.
  • In dialogue with the suppliers, we examine the payment of wages and whether it is possible to make concessions in order to secure wage payment.
  • And we provide support to ensure that suppliers implement adequate protective measures to reduce risk of infection also during the commute to and from the production site.



The sustainability strategy of ORTOVOX